About Us

Puffin Island is an island off the coast of Anglesey, North Wales, home to breeding populations of at least ten species of seabird. For more information about the island have a look at the entry on Wikpedia.
SCAN (Shropshire, Conway, Anglesey) ringing group have been ringing and studying seabirds on Puffin Island since 1982. In 2009, a new partnership was formed between SCAN ringing group and researchers from the University of Liverpool, Roehampton University, Bangor University and the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB) in order to expand the study and conservation of seabird populations on the island. Fieldwork commenced in 2010. 
Routine monitoring data from Puffin Island contributes to the UK's Seabird Monitoring Programme. Data on seabird foraging movements contribute to the Future of the Atlantic Marine Environment (FAME) project.
Current participants in research at Puffin Island are:
SCAN Ringing Group
    Steve Dodd
University of Liverpool
    Alice Trevail (PhD student)
    William Bevan (MSc student)
    Joe Hanlon (MSc student)
University of Roehampton
    Philip Collins (PhD student)
Bangor University
Former participants
    2016: Federico De Pascalis (MSc student from University of Trieste) currently volunteering in the Cayman Islands
    2015: Nana Wei (MSc student from the University of Liverpool) 
    2015: Ruth Dunn (MSc student from Imperial College London) now PhD student at University of Liverpool
    2014: Nikki Fairweather (MSc student at University of Liverpool) 
    2013: Julia Borges Molina (Science Without Borders exchange student) who returned to University of Sao Paulo
    2013: Katie Ferneyhough (MRes student at Liverpool University), went on Staffs Uni as Greenpad Coordinator
    2012: Amanda Kuepfer (MSc student at Bangor University), now Seabird Ecologist for Falklands Islands Fisheries
    2012: Johann Bourgeois (EU-funded Intern), went on to volunteer for Mauritian Wildlife Foundation
    2010: Beth Goddard (MSc student at University of Liverpool), now Senior Ornithologist for APEM Ltd
    2010-2012: Louise Soanes (PhD student at University of Liverpool), now postdoc at University of Roehampton 
We are grateful to Sir Richard Williams-Bulkeley and the Baron Hill Estate for giving us permission to work on Puffin Island.