Some members of the Puffin Island research team. From left to right: Mark Bolton, Louise Soanes, Charles Bishop, Lewis Halsey & Beth Goddard.
Guillemots incubating their eggs on a breeding ledge.
Gull chicks camouflaged in their nest. 
Beth looking at her kittiwake monitoring area.
From left to right: lesser black-backed gulls, herring gulls & great black-backed gulls on the old telegraph station. 

Seals sunbathing.
Proof that puffins can be found on Puffin Island!
Shag sitting on its nest.

Boat transport courtesy of Ashley Tweedale.
 Jon with just-ringed shag chick.
Northern cliffs hosting many breeding Auks and Kittiwakes.
Louise walking in a cloud of Gulls.

Louise & Beth in Beaumaris, ready to board the boat to the island.

Hatching Gull egg.


Looking for nests during a gull census. Hard hats are worn to avoid dive-bom bing!

  Razorbill with a beak full of sandeels.
  Eastern End.

Noisy oystercatchers.