We currently have three research programmes under way:
1. Ringing
Unique individual rings carried by birds allow us monitor their life stories and movements (more).
2. Monitoring
Regular checks on the nests of birds tell us how they respond to their environment (more).

3. Foraging behaviour
State-of-the-art technology tells us where the birds go and what they do (more).  
Below is a list of scientific papers resulting from our studies since 2010 with links to the journal websites when available. 

Trevail, A., Green, J.A., Sharples, J., Polton, J., Miller, P., Daunt, F., Owen, E., Bolton, M., Colhoun, K., Newton, S., Robertson, G. & Patrick, S. (2019) Environmental heterogeneity decreases reproductive success via effects on foraging behaviour. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286: 20190795 LINK

Trevail, A.M., Green, J.A., Sharples, J.; Polton, J.A., Arnould, J.P.Y & Patrick, S.C. (2018) Environmental heterogeneity amplifies behavioural response to a temporal cycle Oikos 128: 517-528 LINK

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Collins PM, Halsey LG, Arnould JPY, Shaw P, Dodd SG & Green JA (2016) Energetic consequences of time-activity budgets for a breeding seabird. Journal of Zoology 300:3 153-162 LINK

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